Increase your productivity with the Nitro 7310. It's front boom design gives a clear view of the boom, spray nozzles, and the field to confidently cover ground faster. The new ultra-quiet cab offers operators maximum comfort, control and convenience. An industry leading 2m of ground clearance allows for late-stage application - Highest ground clearance on the market! Easily lower the overall height down to 3.9m from the operator's seat for truck transport. Lighter overall weight than previous models means less soil compaction and a better horsepower-to-weight- ratio. Even weight distribution provides balance, with near equal load on each tire to maximize power to the ground while minimizing compaction.

Chemical injection option allows for use of up to three injection pumps and four separate mid-mount tanks that are easy to access from the platform. When used in conjunction with water in the main tank, you can vary chemical application from field to field. Redesigned adjustable chassis provides up to 2m of clearance. Its box steel construction uses 100,000-psi-yield high-strength steel for exceptional ruggedness and durability. A redesigned suspension system makes for a smooth ride. The optional Auto Rinse allows you to clean out the tank and boom with the press of a button in the cab or using the ground level display.

Model Specifications

Engine / FPT NEF / Australia (APEC) Alternator / Batteries Fuel Tank / DEF (if equipped) Cooling System Transmission Auxiliary Hydraulic Circuit UltraFlo Hydraulic Pump - Optional Speed Ranges Service Brake
275 hp (205 kw) 288 hp (214 kw) bulge / Tier 2 200 Amp / three 1000 cca heavy duty batteries 150 gallon (568 L) / 24 gallon (91 L) Efficient Single Pass stacked top to bottom (not layered), variable speed hydraulically driven fan with automatic reversing option Hydrostatic drive with electronic controlled single Danfoss 165 cc, H1 series heavy duty pump 48 gpm (181.7 lpm) @ 3000 psi (20,684 kpa) 48 gpm (181.7 lpm) @ 3000 psi (20,684 kpa) 0 to 35 mph (0 to 56 kph) with 4 programmable speed range 4-wheel dynamic internal wet disc and oil cooled

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