Designed to tackle specialist agricultural tasks with configurations and narrow width options suited to vineyard, orchard and municipal applications.

Working in restricted spaces and between delicate crops means the ability to perform tight manoeuvres is absolutely paramount in a specialist compact tractor.

Model Specifications

Model Capacity/Cyl Rated hp (kW) Version Transmission
MF3640 3.3/3 84 V/S/F/GE 24/12 PowerShuttle and SpeedShift (40km/h)**
MF3660 3.3/3 102 F 24/12 PowerShuttle and SpeedShift (40km/h)**

** 24/24 Mechanical Shuttle with SpeedShift (40km/h) *Vineyard (V) - Special (S) - Fruit (F) - Ground Effect (GE)

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